At regular intervals, the team reflects on how it can become more effective and adjusts its behaviour accordingly.
(Source: Agile Manifesto, Agile Principles)

The environment in which teams operate results in diverse and individual challenges. How do you create an environment in which a team can continuously improve? As an access2agile development team that deals with the development of high-performance teams in their specific context, we know about the challenges.

Especially in Kanban this practice is of great importance, because there are some characteristics that present teams with opportunities and challenges.

– A Kanban team does not necessarily work in iterations, so it needs to be self-organised to recognise whenever the context of a retrospective is an appropriate event for improvement.

– Using metrics such as throughput, cycle time, etc., a team can identify where bottlenecks have occurred and how the flow of work can be optimised. We enable teams to recognise how they can develop pragmatic solutions based on metrics that are relevant to them.

– By establishing different signals, we can also provide remote teams with virtual andonchords that show where there is potential for improvement.

Do you have questions about our tools and techniques? Do you want to know where you stand with your team and what you can improve? Feel free to contact Clara Möllering

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